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Letter to Your CA Senator

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Support AB-46: Military Services Retirement and Surviving Spouse Benefit Payment Act

Dear Senator,

Please support AB46 Personal income taxes: exclusion: Military Services Retirement and Surviving Spouse Benefit Payment Act

Retaining Veterans in CA keeps skilled professionals & their families rooted in the state, but also leads to the accumulation of federal funds. This retention also sustains a substantial pool of professionals that significantly fuels our economic growth. Despite boasting the highest count of active military personnel, CA ranks merely 4th in the tally of retirees. Regrettably, the state experiences a high rate of military retiree attrition.

With two decades of military service under their belts, retirees emerge highly proficient & constitute an available workforce capable of fulfilling a significant portion of the 40,000 technical vacancies & over 20,000 medical field positions. These include fields such as software engineering, cybersecurity, aerospace, AI, biochemistry, medicine, & management. Let’s add the educational benefits used by military retirees, surviving spouses & children in this state which further amplify its gains.

The FTB's comment of a negative revenue of $150 million exposes a discrepancy that pales in comparison to the potential loss of billions of dollars. The second income pay received by military retirees flows into the economy of their chosen state.  A study conducted for the Governor's Military Council shows the defense sector contributed a substantial $168 billion to CA's economy in the year 2021, equivalent to 5% of the state's budget. According to DOD estimates, Veterans  contribute a consistent, inflation-protected federal fund stream of $4.8 billion to CA's economy each year. In contrast, states like Virginia, Florida, & Texas receive annual federal Veterans funds exceeding $7 billion each!

AB46 stands as a tribute to those who dedicated their lives to serve our nation. Beyond this, it plays a vital role in aiding our state to retain & draw in retirees from the uniformed services.  Our Veterans fortify the economic strength of this state & they bolster our communities.

Your thoughtful consideration of these matters is greatly appreciated.


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