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Emergency Response and Relief Non Profit Extending Help to Californians

Healthcare Ready Activating Rx Open in Response to CA Wildfires
Please share this information about Rx Open, an emergency response and relief non profit that is extending help and services to Californians in response to the ongoing wildfires. The Rx Open map will be updated early afternoon and evening Eastern time.  

Healthcare Ready is an emergency response and relief non-profit established by various healthcare professionals and organizations, including PhRMA as a founding partner, after Hurricane Katrina. Healthcare Ready has been working with healthcare providers as well as federal, state, and local governments to address critical needs of Californians impacted by the ongoing wildfires.
In response to the devastating wildfires, Healthcare Ready activated Rx Open for California. Rx Open is a free and publicly accessible map showing the precise locations of open and closed pharmacies during a disaster through Google Maps. The map may be used by the public to locate nearby pharmacies, as well as by first responders and government officials as an initial resource to assess damages and gather critical information on the California wildfires' impact on public health.
In addition, Rx on the Run, a printable wallet-sized card that allows patients to capture their prescription and provider information, is now available in both English and Spanish.
We will continue to monitor the impacts of the California Wildfires and related power outages, updating the map twice a day.
To enroll your pharmacy email Participation in Rx Open is free. If the status of your pharmacy is not consistent with what is shown on the Rx Open maps, please contact us at
Healthcare Ready provides Rx Open to the public at no cost during a disaster through the generous support of our leadership and from the NCPDP Foundation, who provides grant support and the dataQ® pharmacy data file.

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