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5 May All Services Seminar After Action Report
Posted on: 05/21/18

CAPT Paul Frost, USN (Ret) - MOAA National Staff


All Services Seminar held 5 May After Action Report

by CAPT James “Marc” MacDonald USCG (Ret)

California Coast Guard Retiree Council
The Alameda County and Contra Costa Chapters manned the MOAA Information table and provided information about MOAA and the local chapters to the record number of attendees at this conference. The Keynote speaker was CAPT Paul Frost, USN Retired, part of the MOAA National Staff.

Below is an excerpt from an email sent from CAPT James “Marc MacDonald, USCG (Ret) to MOAA participants in the Seminar:

“I want all of you to know that the entire Northern California Coast Guard Retiree Council appreciates the level of MOAA commitment and participation in our All Military Services Retiree Seminar.
Paul, yours is one of the most important talks and perhaps the only way most of the participants get to know what is really going on in Washington and why.

I was happy to make the acquaintance of Patty, Charles and Jerry and a big welcome to the Contra Costa Branch of MOAA.

Thank you all and we hope you will be able to participate next year. I have attached some photos taken at the event which was the biggest turnout we have ever had.”

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