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Support AB 46 Exemption of Military Retirement - Letter to Governor Gavin Newsom

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Assembly Bill 46

Legislative Affairs

Skip Phair

17 March 2023

This week Assembly Bill (AB) 46, Military Services Retirement and Surviving Spouse Benefit Payment Act, received very positive support in the bill’s hearing before the Revenue and Taxation Committee, March 13th.  Due to a projected deficit in Governor Gavin Newsom’s budget, the bill was placed in the suspense file. Voting on the legislation will take place in April after all other proposed taxation bills have been heard.


The presentations by Assembly Member James Ramos and Steve Vancil, Vice President of Solano MOAA and Sue Story, Surviving Spouse  were well done.  Fred Jaffin and Ramona Chávez drove to Sacramento and did an admirable job of providing support for the bill before the committee.  A link to the video of the committee hearing presentation is available on the chapter website. I encourage you to view it. Only takes 12 minutes.

The next key step in getting AB 46 to a vote in the Assembly will be the Appropriations Committee. Chapter members have been very helpful writing the Governor and their representatives.   Now we need to focus our effort on letters of support to the Appropriations Committee. Your correspondence should encourage support for AB 46 because it will improve California's economy by retaining a valuable, well educated, and highly talented labor force.  These military retirees and their families will generate increase tax revenues to the State and local governments. Letters  (pages 10 -11) should be addressed to:

Assembly Member Chris R. Holden
Chair, Assembly Appropriations Committee
1021 O Street, Suite 8220
Sacramento, California 95814

They can also be emailed to:

Video:  California Assembly Revenue and Taxation Committee Hearing, March 13, 2023.  AB 46, Exclusion: Military Services Retirement and Surviving Spouse Benefit Payment Act Watch committee hearing. Jump to 47-minute mark for AB 46. Length 12 minutes    Starts at minute 46:00


We need your support in pushing out the information on Assembly Bill 46.    Please send a letter to our Governor today – the letter awaits your signature here.

 Contact your representative:


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