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Diane Acquistapace, Surviving Spouse Liaison

Alameda MOAA
Surviving Spouse Program  
Alameda Chapter

February 2023

My name is Diane Acquistapace and I am your new Surviving Spouse Liaison. It is an Honor to serve in this capacity and I am here to assist you for any of your needs in this chapter. My Father-in-Law Tulio Acquistapace was past President of MOAA and I am proud to continue his service to our Military community. If you should like to contact me directly you can email me at: or call me at 510-366-9049.

Surviving spouses comprise approximately 13% of MOAA’s membership — that is over 46,000 members, voices, voters, givers, and doers. The Surviving Spouse Advisory Council (SSAC) represents these 46,000 members by supporting surviving spouses and spouses and promoting MOAA’s strategic priorities at every opportunity through education, encouragement, and engagement.

In 2022, surviving spouses led MOAA chapters as president, secretary, treasurer, newsletter editor, program director, and legislative chair and created and managed community programs.

Here’s a closer look:

• Surviving Spouse Liaison Training: SSAC member training was held during regional leadership workshops in Florida, Washington, North Carolina, Nebraska, and Texas. Surviving Spouse Liaison Training. SSAC members continue to fine-tune the training based on new information, evaluations, and comments from participants.

• Articles for MOAA Newsletters: SSAC members wrote monthly Surviving Spouse Corner columns, which are published the first Thursday of each month in The MOAA Newsletter.

• MOAA Surviving Spouses and Friends Facebook Group: This group has over 750 members and provides updated information on important surviving spouse issues, especially regarding the Survivor Benefit Plan/Dependency and Indemnity Compensation offset.

• Community Involvement: In addition to direct MOAA involvement, SSAC members participated in caregiving and Gold Star Family organizations, Veterans Day and Memorial Day events, and with local veterans’ service organizations such as the VFW, American Legion, and Disabled American Veterans.

Goals for 2023 included continued outreach and support to our members. Again, please do not hesitate to contact me in the upcoming year. More information can also be found through your National MOAA website 

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