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U.S. Promises To Search For Over 82,000 Missing Military

The U.S. Promises to Search for Over 82,000 Missing Military A New Movie Documents America's...
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     CALMOAA:  On August 8th, I attended the All California Defense Summit, which was hosted by the Governors Military Council, on behalf of our clients.


    The Governor’s Military Council provides a focus on growing California’s defense and national security missions in state administration. The Council seeks to maintain and grow military operations in the state (more information below).


    Over 200 defense contractors, public policy makers, members of the Governor’s Military Council, and others were in attendance from across the state discussing topics such as:

    ·        Best Practices on Military-Civilian Support Organization Collaboration

    ·        Education and Workforce Development in the California Defense Industry

    ·        Cybersecurity

    ·        California’s Transition Assistance Program, family affairs, and other topics that impact active duty service members and veterans in the state.

    ·        California Military Infrastructure and Encroachment Challenges


    At the event I was able to meet with Cal-MOAA member Tom Lasser, as well as individuals from Boeing, Raytheon, General Atomics Aeronautical, and Watch U.S. Fly.


    Links to documents from the conference:


    1. Fact sheet covering the Governor’s Military Council’s Economic Impact Report for California.

    2. Attached (2005 BRAC report, by CA Institute)


    Fact Sheet-


    Full Report-


    About the Governor’s Military Council

        Provides a sustained focus on growing California’s defense and national security missions in state administration.
        Seeks to position California to maintain and grow military operations in the state.
        The Department of Defense has announced several strategic shifts, including increasing force strength in the Pacific theater and prioritizing cyber-security, that provide California opportunities to increase military investment in our state. The Council will provide insight to state leaders who are developing a strategy to support and grow military operations in the Golden State.
        As a major investor and landholder in the state, the military provides many economic and environmental benefits to the state as it provides for our nation’s security. Similarly, California offers unique geographical, operational and technological benefits to the military installations that call it home. Ensuring that the two continue to support each other is a key focus of this Council.
        The Council also articulates the military value of California bases and operations as federal leaders consider cuts and realignment to federal military operations. The Secretary of Defense recently explained that coming military cuts will impact all 50 states and many districts across America.” Recognizing these threats to military operations, the Council will highlight the ongoing military value of California installations, and of the Californians and businesses that support them.

    For more information about the Governors Military Council:


    Thank you,

    Seth Reeb – Veterans Advocate

    Reeb Government Relations1107 9th Street Suite 620

    Sacramento CA, 95814

    Office: (916)558-1926

    Cell: (530)559-1621

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