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U.S. Promises To Search For Over 82,000 Missing Military

The U.S. Promises to Search for Over 82,000 Missing Military
A New Movie Documents America's Search
(LAKE ARROWHEAD, Calif) June 16, 2017 Storyteller Original Films
A promise is made to every American sent into combat: You will not be left behind. The United States is the only country that makes this promise and it never stops looking for its 82,537 missing military personnel who are still unaccounted for in America’s wars beginning with WW II.
Film producer, Richard Jellerson of Storyteller Original Films, is in production on a documentary entitled, "A Solemn Promise, America's Missing in Action”.  The film focuses on America’s ongoing worldwide efforts to locate, identify and return home each of America’s fallen military members to their families for burial with full military honors. As of June 16, 2017, there were 82,537 US Military members missing and still unaccounted for since World War II. Those numbers break down as follows:
            World War II:    73,052
            Korean War:       7,745
            Vietnam War:     1,608
            Cold War:             126
            Iraq & Other:            6

Jellerson is a former Vietnam War helicopter pilot who served two tours. The first was a Combat/Medevac Pilot. His second tour was as personal pilot for General Creighton Abrams (U.S. Commander in Vietnam). He says, "Especially close to my heart are those military families whose loved ones served around the world and are not yet accounted for. Families need to honor their loved ones and experience the peace of mind of closure."

 Storyteller Original Films is nearing completion on this heartfelt documentary – a truly American Story. Jellerson said, "The lengths and the methods our country goes to search for, identify, and return those still missing are extensive and highly scientific. We show the world what it truly means to never give up looking for our MIAs and POWs."

These search missions are headed by the U.S. Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency (DPAA), whose representatives are responsible for all aspects of each search held around the world. In essence, they send military units back to old battlegrounds

DPAA specialized terrain teams scour mountains, desert, and jungle sites. Additionally private organizations like History Flight, Bent Prop, and MIA Recoveries are also dedicated to searching for and recovering the missing with the support of the DPAA.

The Department of Defense (DoD) holds several MIA family group meetings each year. In one-on-one settings, they let the families know which battlegrounds will be searched and any updates on each location to be searched. No false hope is offered, just the knowledge that America will continue these operations until “They are all Home” which is the DPAA’s motto. One such meeting will be depicted in the film and it will demonstrate the emotion, concern, and sincerity of these heartfelt briefings and the exchanges that follow.

Once remains are found, they are then delivered to the DPAA forensic laboratories in Hawaii where military and civilian scientists work with state-of-the-art DNA analysis and other methods before being able to tell an MIA family their lost loved one has been accurately identified.

Jellerson's goal is to finish his fund-raising and complete the film for distribution on National POW/MIA Recognition Day, September 15, 2017.

Film Advisory Committee

    MAJ GEN (R) John Bianchi - Former Commanding General of the California State Military Reserve
    Mr. Neale Perkins, Founder, Safariland, supplying personal armor and equipment to law enforcement and the military. Philanthropist to America's Higher Education needs.
    Ms. Lucie Marx Titus - Chair, Board of Governors, MG William S. Dean Chapter of AUSA
    LTC (R) Robert K Brown - Owner and Publisher of Soldier of Fortune magazine
    Ms. Arden McConnell - Former Special Representative to the Commanding General of the California National Guard and Special Assistant to Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr.
    Mr. Ron Miller - Veterans Adviser, National League of POW-MIA Families
    Mr. Kim Dawson - Owner of Skydog Productions and Independent Producer at Universal Studios, Florida; former Director of Original Programming for Showtime Networks
    Mr. John Zimmerlee - Executive Director of the Korean and Cold War POW/MIA Network
    COL (R) Bill Fortier US Army Retired - Former Military Aide to the Governor of California and Former Aide to the Commanding General of the California National Guard
    LTC (R) Tom Lasser - So. California President, Association of the US Army; Vietnam Veteran, Army Helicopter Pilot
    Norton E. Marks, Ph.D., Former Distinguished Professor, University of Notre Dame: Professor Emeritus and former Dean, California State University, San Bernardino: Past President, Small Business Institute Association.
    Marc P. Yablonka--Military journalist and author of "Distant War: Recollections of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia" and "Tears Across the Mekong." CW2 (R), California State Military Reserve

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Media Contact
Contact Name: Richard Jellerson
Phone: 213-675-0813





Facebook:       @storytelleroriginalfilms

Twitter:            @powmiamovie



Hollywood Post 43 American Legion:


News Video from the San Diego Union-Times: A daughter of a recovered MIA explains why this film is so important to all the families of the fallen who are Missing and still unaccounted for:

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